Qualia Soup: “It *could* just be coincidence”

Two days ago I posted a link to a terrific radio show on highly unlikely events and the fascinating randomness at work even on the cellular levels of existence.  If you haven’t listened to it and you’re not well-versed in statistics already, I recommend taking the time, it’s really good.

Thinking about that radio clip, I thought this was a good time to post a “Qualia Soup” video for the first time on the blog.  I hope to bring them in as relevant but I recommend you go ahead and find Qualia Soup’s page on youtube and watch them all in the meantime, since they’re each exceptional.

So, for those who want to bone up on their statistical rigorousness in thought and those tempted to accept supernatural explanations of events, here is today’s must-see “Qualia Soup” Camels With Hammers premiere, “It could just be coincidence”:

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