“The Holy Spirit Made Me Do It”

A self-proclaimed prophet blames his sexual assaults on being “full of the “Spirit”: (Hint: That’s not really what he was full of and it’s not what he’s full of now.)

“We feel he was probably befriending the parents under the guise of giving the children counseling,” said Metro Police Officer John Bradshaw.

According to the arrest report, one victim was forced to leave her family and move in with Catello so he could “counsel her.” There she said she was abused several times and coerced into having intercourse and anal sex.

The second victim said she was also assaulted at Catello’s home.If they refused, they were told their families would be kicked out of the church, and they would burn in hell, the victims said.

Neighbors said they still can’t believe it.

“He was on a motorized wheelchair and an oxygen tank. So, how he could do something like this is amazing. That’s what got me,” Pollard said.In the report, detectives asked Catello if he did it.

His response was that if the girls said he did, he must have, and then added that the girls were not lying.Catello also said he was “full of the spirit” and can’t help what he does when he is “full of the spirit.”

Thanks to UnreasonableFaith.

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