Theocrat of the Week: Stuart H. Schwartz

If you read one bit of off the Richter insane bit of hagiography mixed with 21st Century-style right wing populism, persecution complex, theocratic fantasies and claim to power prophetic powers all year, make it this article from Liberty University’s Stuart Schwartz.

Sarah Palin loves God. God loves Sarah Palin.
And that is why they hate her…and Him.
And why she — and He — will be back.

Sarah Palin’s spirituality has affected every part of her life, allowing her to clearly recognize the evil that has leached into our political and media culture.

she views and conducts herself not as a politician — which she is — but a citizen who sees public office as an opportunity to serve. Interwoven in all of this is the confidence that comes from knowing that God loves her, up close and personal

Sarah Palin is grounded in the divine, which means, in part, that she believes, as did the framers of our constitution, that individuals are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” God gives us our rights, and not Washington, the United Nations, or The New York Times or NBC.

And when you’re shaped by something beyond this world, convinced there is a bit of God in all whom you serve, then morality is part of what you do — and being called “judgmental” is praise, not criticism. To Sarah Palin, the corruption of both Republicans and Democrats in Alaska, which suffered from an institutionalized class of thieves on the public payroll, was immoral, violating the God-given rights of the citizens of her state…and so she took them on.

She looks at Washington and knows, instinctively and with gut-wrenching clarity, that what is happening is not just wrong…it is immoral. Following her resignation as governor, she told Time magazine — to the amusement of its editors — that the growing of government “outrageously” by President Obama is “immoral.” She deliberately chose a God word that suggests evil

Lost in the derision is this truth: there is a higher standard, and Sarah Palin unashamedly rests in he grip of the one who provides those standards. The unparalleled borrowing to fuel Obama programs and Democratic patronage is not just wrong policy; rather, it is evil because it is accompanied by crushing debt

And most of this will fall on future generations; in other words, unborn children. Sarah Palin is concerned about unborn children — another God thing. Fancy that.

God stuff sets off our privileged classes, which refuse to acknowledge that anyone — especially someone who did a road movie with Charlton Heston — has authority over them. And so they scream. The Washington Post, dismayed by her spirituality, trotted out a minister who said Palin “lacks ministerial preparation and theological education” to speak about God. Neither the minister nor the newspaper editors noticed that few of God’s significant others — from Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Paul — have Harvard Divinity School degrees.

God is not done with her.  Nor is he done with a nation that has brought freedom and opportunity to hundreds of millions around the world.
I’m not much on prophesying, but I’ll take a turn:  They’ll be back.

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