UCLA Hit Hard By Economy

Leiter reports that

In 2008-09, UCLA searched to fill 74 faculty lines; in 2009-10, UCLA will search to fill just 20 faculty positions.

He links to this detailed account:

“The cuts we’re going to face in the next fiscal year are permanent,” Mitchell said. “The state won’t just recover and put the money back. It’s a permanent change.”

It will therefore become imperative for UCLA to significantly reduce its operations.

“What we’re talking about is downsizing the university, period,” Mitchell said. “Fewer students, fewer faculty, fewer support staff. … We’re talking about very seriously downsizing UCLA.”

Waugh echoed this sentiment at the faculty town hall meeting.

“These reductions will require a major restructure of our academic programs,” he said. “We have to find $40 million. Therefore, everything – everything – is on the table.”

The administrators acknowledged that things may become more difficult for students and faculty during this economic downturn.

“There’s no way to find $40 million without making some people very unhappy in the short term,” said Goldstein of the Academic Senate. “Things are going to get worse for a lot of people. There’s no question about that.”

Chilling stuff for us tenure-track job seekers.

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