Afghani Husbands Allowed To Starve Wives Who Refuse Them Sex

Sendai Anonymous heartily congratulates these men on their civil progress:

According to beebs, it is now perfectly legal in Afghanistan for men to starve their wives if they refuse to have sex with them at least once every four days.
I don’t really know what’s so magical about four days and not three or five, but whatevs. Clearly, congratulations are in order.

GUYS! LOWER PALEOLITHIC! I’m so excited for you! Soon you will be able to make basic stone handaxes! Isn’t that just awesome?
Of course, behavioural modernity is still far beyond you, but in the next 100 000 years or so, who knows, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Apart from legitimizing maritial rape, and, erm, maritial starvation, an entirely new form of abuse (GEE THE MEN OVER IN AFGHANISTAN ARE SO CREATIVE!1111!1) the bill also takes away maternal custody of children and makes it impossible for a woman to work unless she obtains her husband’s permission.

Your Thoughts?

  • mikespeir

    I don’t know, man. Sex with a starving wife?

  • atwitter

    I’m Sendai Anonymous, or, really, Sara.

    (I was totally lying about that anonymity)

    I actually only noticed your offer like, five minutes ago or so, but it sounds like fun! I’m writing a huge post about Leviticus and Biblical literalism, and how it only exists in the delusional minds of the “literalists”, and a companion one, about morality and its lack of correlation with religious belief, so if you’re still interested, drop me a line at astragalizo at gmail :)