Alan Colmes Vs. Homophobic Pastor Steven Anderson

In four crazy parts that Anderson put up online himself afterwards.  It’s a wild listen.

Part 1:

Anderson makes clear that the Bible calls for hate and so that’s why he hates.  He makes clear that he thinks he believes every gay person in the world is a predator and every homosexual he has known has been a predator.

I believe that every homosexual in the world is a deviant, is evil, and is a predator that is out to recruit others through molestation, through rape.

Do I think homosexuality should be against the law?  Well, it’s against God’s law…

I’m not going to say our United States laws are better than God’s laws.

I would put homosexuality in the same category with bestiality, pedophilia—it’s not normal, it’s sick, nobody’s born that way.

Here is part 2 where he says that adulterers should be stoned and defends his insistence that God hates Barack Obama, according to the Bible:

Here is part 3 where he describes how he would like Obama to die (melting like a snail as unborn babies die in saline solution) and calls Bush and Cheney murderers too for their war in Iraq and torture:

Here is part 4 where along the way he says that either you believe that children who curse or “smite”  their parents deserve to die and disagreeing with this is disagreeing with Jesus:

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