An America Without Its Atheists?

How would it be different?

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Atheists are so awesome.  Let’s watch another video!  One following up to comments on the previous one!

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Your Thoughts?

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  • George

    I am going to begrudgingly play devil’s advocate here so don’t panic, I have not gone off my rocker.
    A few points…
    1. The statistic in the first video that the crime rate, teenage pregnancy rate, etc. would increase is very poorly explained in the second video. Statistics are wonderful things, and I am sure that the instances of criminal activity, teenage pregnancy, etc. is higher among the religious population, but that needs to be firmly established to use the argument in the second video with the “beer drinkers”. I know that some will argue that the prison population statistic from video 1 put s hole in my argument, but many prisoners convert while in prison, call them a “captive audience”. I think two or three additional frames making this firm correlation would have been helpful.

    2. The Correlation between national wealth and atheism is tenuous at best. My first logical step was to find the country GDP rankings and atheism statistics cited in the video. Sadly I could not find the same statistics on atheism that were cited, but using another published study on atheism by country…
    #2 per capita GDP Norway has a conservative 31% Atheism rate
    #3 Switzerland has 17% Atheism rate
    #4 U.S.A. has a pathetic 3% atheism rate
    Highest percentage of Atheism?
    VIETNAM…any guess where they rank for GDP?
    ….#125 of 163 listed nations.

    3.The humorous/scary/sad comments used in the second video are far from representative of the Christian commentary of the YouTube video. I checked. In some cases there is even constructive discussions of the issue going on. I couldn’t believe it either…Constructive dialogue on a site virtually created for the LCD. Go see for yourself; admittedly though, there is a lot of tripe.

    I must say though that the quotes from former presidents and founding fathers was delightful and helps to illuminate the true “Christian nature” of America. I believe that there was quite a few good arguments put forth and it is nice to occasionally be entertained by ideas.
    I found the picture of the guy with Down Syndrome pretty offensive though…