Atheist Testimonials In The Detroit Free Press

Mojoey, the founder and curator of the Atheist Blogroll to which we owe great gratitude, points us to a great series running in The Detroit Free Press in which atheists give their testimonials.

Here’s the one Mojoey highlighted yesterday:

I was at work when someone brought up that I am an atheist.A nearby coworker nearly had a heart-attack.

“You are?” she asked. “But … you’re such a … good person!”

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In the words of Oneita: Oh, my.

I’d like to set the record straight on atheism. Being an atheist opens up my world to the different possibilities I may have otherwise missed. It makes me an accepting individual because it is an exercise in questioning that allows me to explore any and all walks of life.

Atheism breaks down the barriers put up by racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other discrimination because I have an understanding that there is nothing more important (i.e. an invitation into heaven) than the feelings I share with others.

I explained this to my coworker.

“Well, I’m older than you,” she said. “I understand more.”

The coworker persists in this condescension:

I don’t do drugs, have sex with strangers, drive insanely fast or bust caps in asses.

Her response? “Someday, you’ll get it.”

And after hearing him out the whole way:

Begrudgingly, I let my coworker have the final word.”Don’t give up,” she said. “Just try keeping a more open mind.”

A more open mind?  A more open mind??  I am so glad I have this brilliant video now for anyone who utters this ridiculous statement in defense of religious and other irrational ideas:

YouTube Preview Image

Your Thoughts?

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