Introducing Robert B

On August 7, 2009, PZ Myers and the Secular Student Alliance led a field trip of a few hundred atheists and other secularists through Ken Ham’s infamous Creation Museum, a “museum” dedicated to promulgating the idea that a certain reading of the Bible should guide scientific investigation and understanding.

Past Camels With Hammers coverage of the “museum” trip has included a summary of the twitter feed of “museum” visitors and internet well-wishers, a post filled with photos taken off the twitter feed, a recap of the story of the atheist thrown out of the “museum” over his t-shirt, excerpts of some of the first blog posts from visitors to the “museum,” a post with videos taken at the “museum,” a thread highlighting some of Blag Hag’s blogging on her experience and criticisms, and, finally, there was PZ Myers’s critique of the “museum.”

Now today, we are proud, later this morning to offer a guest post from Robert B describing his experience at the “museum” and critiquing it.  Here’s Robert B’s bio as he provided it to us:

I’m Robert B, sometimes Robster online, a cell biologist / toxicologist by training and part time – adjunct professor by trade. I’m looking for a full time position at a liberal arts school and hopefully, I’ll land one in the next year. I grew up on a tobacco / angus beef farm, and want nothing to ever do with tobacco again, but still love a good steak. My hobbies include nature photography and (beginning) scuba diving, and I hope to combine the two someday.

His post will be a sequel to his first post on the trip, which he posted on his own brand new blog, Teaching Sapiens. So, check out Robert’s initial account of the “museum” and his visit and then come back here for the sequel!

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