Introducing Sendai Anonymous

We’re incredibly excited to have our first guest contributors to join Dave and I posting on Camels With Hammers.  Earlier we saw Robert’s guest contribution on his observations at the Creation Museum.  And now we’re excited to announce that in the near future we will feature guest posts from Sara, the witty, passionate, and intellectually vigorous blogger at Sendai Anonymous, whose posts we previously featured here and here. Plus you can find her important contrasting viewpoint to a recent post of mine here.

I discovered her through Pharyngula‘s comments section which featured a link to her thoroughly enjoyable blog and after a couple weeks keeping up with her posts, thought she would add a wonderful contrast and complement in tone and expertise to my own.  I am really delighted and grateful she has generously agreed to write a couple things for us.

She has provided us with this biography of herself:

Sendai A. is an atheist blogger currently based in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. She’s finishing her Japanese Studies BA and Akkadian Studies MA, and doing cognitive linguistics on the sly. Her hobbies include coveting books, buying books and reading books, and telling people how very very wrong they are in long, vicious rants containing on average 120 words per sentence.
And commas.

So for the time being check out Sendai Anonymous for yourself and then look forward to Sara’s upcoming posts at Camels With Hammers!

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