Judge This: Sex Offenders In Illinois Banned From Social Networking Sites


Today, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a law making it illegal for sex offenders to use social networking sites. Is this a necessary ban to protect the state’s children? Or a misguided move guaranteed to keep criminals who’ve paid their debt living on the margins of society?

Read the story here (and its comments section which includes a reply from someone claiming to be a sex offender himself) and then offer us Your Thoughts in our comments section.

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  • Evangelos

    Most certainly it’s overkill and defacto double jeopardy. But this also speaks of the misunderstanding of the use of social networking sites, and serves to emphasize the rather peculiar myth espoused by social conservatives and suburbian housewives of recent years that sex predators are waiting behind corners, rocks, and the assorted trap-door in parks to spring up like animatronic monsters in a haunted house exhibit and grab their children. I recall a rather good 20/20 piece a few months ago on this myth.

  • Dan Fincke

    Hilariously put, my friend, and I think I agree with you.

    Do you know where to find this 20/20 piece? I can’t locate it on the youtubes so far.

  • Evangelos

    Ahh, I spent a few hours searching, myself, but for the life of me I can’t find it. It may very well have been an episode of “Penn & Teller:Bullshit”, but I’m afraid I can’t find that either. I do remember that in the piece they covered the columnist at the New York Sun who let her son ride the subway alone almost as a protest of paranoia, so here’s her article on that, as a consolation:

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