Proving The Existence Of Atheists

Iambilly tries to do it to an elderly stranger after helping her out of a jam she didn’t even realize she was about to be in had he not intervened.  Her reply led to his attempt to prove the existence of atheists:

She beamed at me and said, “Oh, you are so wonderful.  You are a good Christian and one of God’s people.”

I grimaced (internally).  Then I realized that, what the hell, it is past 5:15 and I’m not on duty.  “No, ma’am, I’m an atheist.”

“Pshaw.  You’re too nice to be an atheist,” she said.  And yes, she really did say ‘Pshaw.’  First time I’ve ever actually heard it used.

“I really am,” I replied.

“You can’t be an atheist.  You’re too nice.”

“Yes, I am.  And it has nothing to do with being nice or not.”

“Well, you just think you’re an atheist.  I’m not sure why you’re mad at God, but He still loves you.  You’ll accept him when your pain is resolved.”

“Ma’am, why would I hate something that does not exist?  I’ll go check to make sure that your husband made it to the parking area.  You have a good evening.”  And I walked away.

As I walked away, she said, “I know you’re a Christian.  You’re too nice to be a God hater.”

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