Spider-Man Looks Dead

SpiderMan Raid

Thankfully, I refer not to the True Spider-Man.  Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who lives in our hearts will never die.  And I’m sure the Marvel Comics Spider-Man will persist as long as there is such a thing as Marvel Comics.  And most importantly to me, the Raimi-Maguire-Dunst Spider-Man looks slated to take its fourth chapter on the silver screen in two summers if IMDB is correct, which makes me, as an enormous fan of the entire film series ecstatic.  I’ve dreaded the prospect of either Raimi, Maguire, or Dunst not returning.  The ways they brought to life the ethos and mythos of Spider-Man has been too perfect for their collaboration to end before it absolutely has to.

So, fortunately, the Spider-Mans who matter most are all happily alive and webslinging.  But the unholy abomination that was to be the Spider-Man musical, helmed by hack extraordinaire Julie Taymore (the director behind the soulless formulaic lunacy of the incredibly disappointing Across The Universe) and scored by that most bloated, bombastic, self-absorbed band of one-trick pony sellouts U2 looks to have been crushed dead under its own gargantuan pretentious weight.

And I sigh hugely with relief at the news.

(via Shane Rutkowski at The Daily Shane)

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