The Evil Atheist Philosophy Professor Vs. A Piece Of Chalk

In response to a long running urban legend/chain intellectually insulting e-mail (which Snopes has a really good write up of here) comes this terrific comic stripization:

2009-07-01-chalk Chaospetdotcom

(UPDATE, MARCH 19, 2014: The chain e-mail satirized above has now inspired a feature film that is due in theaters this weekend. I have written a review of the trailer called “The Atheist Philosophy Professor Strikes Back”.)

The version of this story that deserves a separate cartoon of its own is a really disgusting one in which the professor’s closing challenge to God is to strike him down if he is real. And the student at the end is a MARINE JUST BACK from IRAQ and he walks up to the professor and knocks his lights out and says, “God was busy so he sent me.” (capitalization as it appears in the e-mail)

A perfect distillation of contemporary American right wing irrationalism, authoritarianism, and theocratic fantasies.

Thanks to Chaospet for permission to reproduce their cartoon.  Hat tip to The Philosophy Smoker for the find and for some interesting ranting about more apocryphal philosophy stories.

Your Thoughts?

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  • RobertDW

    The version of the story I like is where the “evil atheist professor” is also an unarmed combat instructor, who takes the marine down, then proceeds to lecture on how religious fundamentalism provokes violence because “true believers” are convinced they do God’s work, which excuses them from Man’s law.

  • Dan Fincke

    Dude, I gotta get on YOUR chain e-mail list!

  • BlackSun

    Yeah, it’s always something like a piece of chalk or a banana. Why can’t the lord of the universe do something impressive like carve out a new ocean, or raise up a new mountain overnight? Or stop a tsunami and save 240,000 lives?

    Absurd, and funny cartoon… thanks!

  • Daniel Fincke

    Something impressive? Don’t you remember, Black Sun the time there was that whole SECULAR football stadium that he inspired to break out into prayer after the PA announcement of a brave and GODLIY principal stood up for OUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS!!!