Video From Secularist Field Trip To Creation Museum

If you have not already, see Camels With Hammers‘ coverage of yesterday morning’s creation museum twitter feed here.  For yesterday afternoon’s flood of photos, see this thread.

Here’s frightening video of a Creation “Museum” dinosaur.  You can tell it’s impressive by the way one of the women surrenders to prolonged, uncontrolled yawning halfway through:

Below we see the artistic choice to combine an intimate moment between Adam and Eve against the background of rule giving.  Adam and Eve also are the “only two people in the world” and, as we all know, that’s how all intimate couples feel in their moments of intimacy and so they stand in for every couple who has ever felt that way.  God’s voice coming to impose of rules and rip them from the insulation of their lovers’ cocoon represents all the outside forces that intrude on lovers’ intimacy.  I also take it as a juxtaposition meant to highlight how personal intimacy with a lover requires a backdrop of a larger life in which one engages in a social order of rules and impersonal relationships.  It is against that backdrop of mediated relationships, that an intimate one can be felt as especially intimate at all.  So, while Adam and Eve are having their intimacy invaded by rule-giving by a God who sounds like he’s talking to 5 year olds, that very invasion ironically makes their intimacy that much stronger as it gives them an Other to commonly oppose, to shirk off together, while favoring each other.

Adam names the animals:

Noah, bored to death with hundreds of years of living, can barely muster any excitement while building his ark:

Finally, for the full Genesis experience, the Creation “Museum” expelled two sinners from their paradise.  One who had taken a forbidden video and one who turned his heart against the creation museum by declaring in t-shirt form that there is probably no God:

For my reaction to his expulsion, see this thread.

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