Weirdo Claiming To Be Bob Dylan Picked Up By Cop And Turned Out To Be Bob Dylan


Let’s say you run into an old man in a hood and sweatpants wandering around your neighborhood all alone in the pouring rain.

24-year-old Buble picked up Dylan in a Long Branch front yard, after the home’s occupants called in a report of a suspicious person.

Buble told ABC, “I asked him what his name was and he said, ‘Bob Dylan’. Now, I’ve seen pictures of Bob Dylan from a long time ago and he didn’t look like Bob Dylan to me at all.”

She continued, “So I said, ‘OK Bob, what are you doing in Long Branch?’ He said he was touring the country with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. So now I’m really a little fishy about his story. I did not know what to believe or where he was coming from, or even who he was. We see a lot of people on our beat, and I wasn’t sure if he came from one of our hospitals or something.”

And the legend grows and grows.

(via ABC News)

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  • marcys

    I keep wondering why Dylan being picked up was such a joke to everyone, compared to the Henry Louis Gates incident as well as the detainment of an Indian actor at Newark Airport.

  • Dan Fincke

    The difference is Dylan was picked up before he showed ID to confirm who he was, not AFTER. And Dylan was standing in the rain claiming to be a celebrity in town with other celebrities. It was a fantastic claim that gave cause to have him checked out. When Gates, by contrast had already proven his identity and that he was in his HOME it was incredibly unjust to arrest him for merely mouthing off to a cop. He was in his own home, he had not broken into someone else’s place or done anything else illegal.

    Also, it adds to Dylan’s mystique as a strange vagabond at heart to wander into this strange situation and to be confused for a crazy person. Because so much of Dylan’s mystique is wrapped up in the mythical personae he embodies, to be confused for the real deal of one of these mythical people he represents is rather charming.

    It’s also a funny story about what it must be like to be one of the very most famous people on the planet and have people be unable to believe you could possibly really be that person.

    Finally, the juxtaposition of someone so wildly famous and wealthy and powerful being confused for a crazy person is simply hilarious itself.