Where Is Jesus’ Birth Certificate?

Truelogic, enlightened by the Birthers’ groundbreaking methodology for revealing birthplace conspiracies discovers that Obama is not the only one whose alleged birth circumstances are extremely dubious:

I did a little research on the Birthers’ claims and investigative methods and was very impressed with what I found–so impressed, I decided to test those methods out myself.The resulting investigation turned my world upside down.

You see, I thought I’d start out on someone I thought I knew better than I knew anyone else. That person is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The first thing I learned was that no one has ever produced His birth certificate. Sure, they say He was born in Bethlehem, but He’s never identified as a Bethlehemian after that. He’s always called Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus of Galilee.

Well, which is it: Galilee or Nazareth or Bethlehem? It’s as if the writers of the Gospels were intentionally trying to hide his birthplace? But why? Could he actually be Egyptian? We know he spent time there as a child. The authors of the Gospel would want to hide that because the Messiah was supposed to be born in Israel.

And then there’s His name: Jesus H. Christ. That’s Greek. Just the kind of name you’d expect to find in Ptolemic Egypt.

That, in itself, should be enough to raise serious questions about His divinity, but there is more. My research leads me to wonder if He was even a Christian.

Your Thoughts?

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  • truelogic

    Let us take God’s word and determine if Obama is supposed to be President. It doesn’t matter if Obama has a birth certificate or not, if God wants him to be President. And if God wants him to be president then the Christians/Republicans should stop complaining.

    “To every thing there is a season [appointed time],and a time to every purpose [matter or event] under the heaven” (Ecc. 3:1).


    “I know that, whatsoever God does…NOTHING can be put to it, nor ANYTHING taken from it: and GOD does it” (Ecc. 3:14).

    “…for He has appointed a time for every matter, and for every work…” (The New Revised Standard Version).

    “For He has set a season for every event and for every deed…” (The Concordant Literal Old Testament).

    “…Who works [‘operates’] ALL THINGS after the counsel of His own will” (Eph. 1:11).

    “For OF Him, and THROUGH Him, and TO Him, are ALL THINGS…” (Rom. 11:36).

    Now, this is but a small example of what we can provide to demonstrate that God appointed Obama to be president at the exact time he became president and it is all according to the will of God. Nothing can happen unless it is the will of God, according to scripture.

    So, it is time for the Christians to stop complaining about their God’s choice for president.

    Scripture tells us their God declared the end from the beginning and so it is all part of his will.

    Now I expect everyone to stand behind obama and give them their full support because this is God’s plan…..apparently.

    • http://netzero.com John Cunningham

      There was no alphabet 2000 years ago with the symbols to produce the sounds of any of the names of the bible or book of Mormon. (see missing letter J part one and two) God they say is a spirite John 4-24 as we once were he now is. How do spirites get wemon pergant. can’t you get an education and treat others well without the bull of religion? there are far better things to do then be in a religious cult. there was no one with the name Jesus or christ or any other name. and it is illegal to translate names.

  • Dan Fincke

    your logic is dizzyingly good

  • Reaper

    Please, Jesus became King of the Jew partly because of the break on Death taxes, but mostly because they wouldn’t let him become Chief Rabbi.

    Naturally enough the Jews weren’t keen on having a black Chief Rabbi.

    Sheesh… check your facts…. I always check mine (at the door)

  • http://netzero.com John Cunningham

    check out richard packham and thomas murphy, skin, sin and seed he is the anthroplogist chair person of colleges at central washington, DNA and the Mormons. the indians or laminites (See dirt particals) that were exterminated in the book of Mormon only to come back as the mexicans and indians do not fit the DNA of the middle east. the camel and sheep are from austrailia 1583 taken to the middle east by the old navy.how did they end up in the bible or book of Mormon? There is no item in either that fits the time period.
    The bible some say was translated in 1611 some say 1622 before the English alphabet with 26 letters of 1630. we do not translate names. the sound would stay the same.there was no letter J so no James, Jesus or John we don’t say there was no Y,W, or any vowels only that there were only 19 letters which other ones were not there they should have researched before they say so yawee know his name was not Jesus but some other name that did not exsit. thank you John Cunningham

  • http://netzero.com John Cunningham

    no one is a christian first there was no one named christ the ch sound is about 1100 years old. the (ian) is a suffix denoting places not persons so it flunks the English therome. below 3rd grade IQ. The name Smith is also a suffix not a genetic name, would not Jesus or god (who is a spirit who can not talk without a phsyical body. John 4 -24 first grade human science). have told Smith his biometric or genetic name? before all of the religious lies? What about James stright the real Mormon phropet after smith rather then brigham young? none of the Mormon geneology fits past 500 years ago because the english alphabet ends. Most does not fit currently. they admit they are all from different tribes. of the 13 tribes of isreal. which none of us are from to the 13 miilion different genetic tribes identified by science. Mormon God, nore it’s people not to smart. thank you John Cunningham