And They Say The Atheists Are Angry…

There are a million Richard Dawkins interviews out there and in the next few weeks it looks like we’ll be seeing a million more with the release of The Greatest Show On Earth.  This one is worth highlighting simply because the interviewer shows an astonishing hostility to the very idea that Dawkins would dare reject faith outright.  The mixture of incredulity and contempt with which he keeps asking questions that are to the effect of, “Seriously, you want to say that the God that gives all these people meaning isn’t there???  How can you dare say that???”  Both videos, he gives no arguments and doesn’t bother to discuss Dawkins’s new book in much detail, it’s just over and over to Dawkins “everyone believes, how can you say they’re all wrong???”  The hostility and appeal to numbers of believers as an argument spans both parts of the video.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Haris

    The host sounds like he’s trying to draw some kind of concession about god from Dawkins.

  • TotalWar

    Its a mix of shamefully bad interviewing and fairly typical theistic response to Dawkins.

    Its interesting to note that rather than provide anything like evidence to support the belief, there is a tendency to rely on logical fallacies and almost threatening assertion.