Could We PLEASE Leave The Kids Out Of It??

Way high up on my list of pet peeves is children’s choirs where kids are trained sing vapid preachy platitudes.  Few things are more obnoxious sounding than a child’s programmed moralizing and it never sounds quite as ugly as when it takes the form of song.  So, really, I don’t care if they’re singing about religion or politics, when listening to children sing about adult matters they can’t possibly have reasoned judgments, all I hear through their voices are the sounds of adult brainwashers.  So, while I of course have no problem with the President giving a talk to kids and telling them to work hard in school, there’s really no need for stuff like this, which is manages to be awful on numerous levels:

YouTube Preview Image

And I do agree, btw, that right wing outrage over this nonsense is quite misplaced and ridiculous for the sorts of reasons The Daily Show highlighted the other night.  But that still doesn’t make it any less creepy to me in principle.

But at least it’s not quite this horrifying:

To cleanse the palate, here are the haunting demonic voices of children used for good instead of evil for once, no children were harmed with political or religious brainwashing in the making of this song:

YouTube Preview Image

Your Thoughts?

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