Debunking A Creationist Documentary Error By Error

djarm67, a scientifically literate theist, presents the creationist A Questions of Origins while correcting each distortion, oversimplification, and error as it occurs:

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There are six parts, watch them all if you have the time.

Your Thoughts?

The Science of Orgasms
Oatmeal Creationism
Comparing Humanism and Religion and Exploring Their Relationships to Each Other
ISIS’s Iconoclasm, The Bible, and The Problem With Taking Literalism Literally
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  • djarm67

    Thanks for posting this. A bit of background. This debunk series was originally put together by ExtantDodos but was taken down due to a false DMCA. I had previous requested permission to upload this on my channel. I too received a false DMCA from Eternal Productions. I filed counter claims on the basis of fair use (comment and criticism). These counterclaims went unchallenged and the series was reinstated. Censorship is not a valid form of argument. I gave your blog entry 5 stars, is that egotistical? lol


  • Daniel Fincke

    Well, to make sure it’s not egotistical you have to go and give a bunch more of my posts unrelated to you 5 stars too ;)