Laura Marling has one of those rare voices and phrasing styles that seriously makes my heart hurt with its sublimity and keeps me repeatedly hitting the repeat button on my i-pod.   Out of the nearly 9000 songs on my i-pod, those featuring Marling, Lisa Hannigan, Neko Case, Lykke Li,  Amy Millan, Nina Persson, and Victoria Bergsman get the most obsessive play.  Put simply, a woman with a unique voice who can perfectly phrase a brilliant lyric has the power to utterly bewitch me like no other kind of vocalist or musician. 
So, with no further ado, here is the Camels With Hammers debut of Laura Marling, a hymn to the romantically haunted called “Ghosts.”  It’s sung by a then 17 year old girl with mesmerizing precocious knowingness, depth, and passion, and a dignified, clear and crisply toned, richly evocative undisguised British accent.

The full album is Alas, I Cannot Swim.

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