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The Humanist Symposium, the blog carnival for humanists, has a new edition up at The Greenbelt (and it even graciously includes a submission from Camels With Hammers!)

Here is The Greenbelt’s description of the types of blog posts that the Humanist Symposium is all about:

The Humanist Symposium is not intended to be a forum for all types of atheistic thought, but original posts that specifically support the philosophy of humanism. Humanism is a way of thought that affirms the inherent dignity and worth of human life and our ability to seek truth, gain wisdom, and tell right from wrong through the application of reason.

  • The happiness and freedom of life as an atheist, or other positive aspects to living a life without religious belief
  • Efforts to evangelize for atheism, and stories of people who have recently deconverted from religion
  • How to find meaning and purpose in a godless life
  • How non-religious people deal with weddings, child-raising, deaths, and other significant life events
  • Posts that stir up the human sense of awe and wonder
  • The ethics and moral philosophy of the non-religious
  • How nonbelievers can foster and nourish a sense of community

Sound good?  It does to me!  Head on over by clicking here!

Doesn’t sound good?  Well, how about after this teaser of the kinds of posts one finds through the Humanist Symposium:

what is it about existence in heaven that is meaningful? The two perks are hedonistic (streets of gold, etc.) and relational (always being with the Lord/other Christians.) But this is not terribly different from seeking to create meaning in one’s life through living life with other people and enjoying whatever time we have. How is being with the Lord meaningful while being with other people is not meaningful? If the problem is that a finite existence is not meaningful, then I am happy to be spared the experience of heaven, as it would then consist of an infinite sequence of meaningless existences.

That solid bit of thinking came from Failing The Insider Test via The Humanist Symposium at The Greenbelt and scooped my own idea for a blog post arguing a similar point (though I was going to make it about purpose, rather than meaning.  And I still might!)

I’m sure by now your curiosity is sufficiently piqued to visit The Humanist Symposium at The Greenbelt if you haven’t already!

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