Judge This: Should The US Military Be Sponsoring The Proselytization Of US Troops?

Unreasonable Faith reports on news that it’s already happening:

Operation Straight Up” has been allowed to provide entertainment to troops with the goal of “sharing the gospel with soldiers in combat” — something they say has never been allowed before:

Capt. Chris Plekenpol, a spokesman for OSU, was responsible for the lives of 100 men during his tour of duty in Iraq. He says the funds raised will help take entertainment and the gospel to service members overseas.

“This event is historic in the fact that the Pentagon is allowing a faith-based entertainment group to go — this has never happened before,” he shares.

“This is something that…we are going to get a lot of flack about it,” he continues. “I need…my prayer warriors to get on their knees and ask God that this thing goes through, because Satan’s not excited about the fact that we’re sharing the gospel with soldiers in combat who are at a point of crisis when they need something.”

Your Thoughts?

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