Kirk Cameron Announces Plan To Disseminate Lies

The plan is to distribute specially written copies of The Origin of Species which include a creationist introduction that slanders of Darwin (including attempts to blame Nazism on him) and creationist “refutations” of the theory to 50,000 college students on the upcoming 150th anniversary of the book’s first publication.  In protest I will be burning all my memories of Growing Pains. Except of those episodes with Leonardo Di Caprio—because I always love footage of stars from their very first breakthrough shows/cameos/commercials from before they were famous.  Those memories will remain.  But all other memories of Growing Pains are slated for destruction.

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Read a pdf of the propaganda itself.  And don’t just get angry, help out with efforts to create a counter-distribution effort of real copies of The Origin of Species.

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Your Thoughts?

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  • writerdood

    Why not just distribute copies of the bible with a revised “Genesis” that explains how God created the universe using Darwinian principles?

    Thirteen billion years later, when he was bored, he showed up to see how things were doing and found Humans polluting one of his worlds. He was so disgusted he told Lucifer to clean up the mess, and then went back on vacation.

  • alazyman

    I think that the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Origin of Species is probably not a large enough occasion to get the average college student to blow off the Thursday afternoon margarita specials or the Saturday night frat party to sit at home and read Darwin. I suspect a lot of joints will be rolled on this book.

    For those for whom this is required reading then they should be smart enough to handle the introduction or they are probably not the “fittest” and it is doubtful that they will survive until graduation in their chosen field. Does KC realize he’s handing out not only the introduction…but also the very book that he despises so much? It’s like handing out the Satanic Bible with an introduction by Rick Warren saying, “BTW this is bad. Like really bad. Like Hitler bad…but worse.”

    Still, Kirk Cameron can’t have my memories. He can tell 50,000 people about Johann Kepler’s supposed views on god (a man who died 229 years before the this book was published), he can make crappy movies about the end of the world and he can believe whatever he likes, these are his rights and I can’t dispute them. But he doesn’t get to take my memories too. I’m keeping them and you should keep yours, otherwise Kirk wins.

  • Justin

    According to the Richard Darwkins site, the “plan” proposed is to rip out the introduction… in other words, censorship. Do you really think that is the best plan?

    • gonovelgo

      When something is devoid of content in the first place, it’s very difficult to censor it. (In other words, the introduction is incredibly stupid and burning it would be an insult to fire.)

      Anyway, it’s freely available online to anybody who’s masochistic enough to want to read it.