Kirk Cameron Announces Plan To Disseminate Lies

The plan is to distribute specially written copies of The Origin of Species which include a creationist introduction that slanders of Darwin (including attempts to blame Nazism on him) and creationist “refutations” of the theory to 50,000 college students on the upcoming 150th anniversary of the book’s first publication.  In protest I will be burning all my memories of Growing Pains. Except of those episodes with Leonardo Di Caprio—because I always love footage of stars from their very first breakthrough shows/cameos/commercials from before they were famous.  Those memories will remain.  But all other memories of Growing Pains are slated for destruction.

Read a pdf of the propaganda itself.  And don’t just get angry, help out with efforts to create a counter-distribution effort of real copies of The Origin of Species.

via TheEmperfect, who was kind enough to recently start following CamelsWithHammers on Twitter.  Remember, to follow us yourself at “CamelsHammers”, where we are now automatically feeding links to each new post as it is put up on the site!

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