Qualia Soup On Faith and William Lane Craig Arguments For God’s Existence

Qualia Soup’s first new video in months (and it’s terrific as usual).  He takes apart entirely the notion that we can have knowledge of anything supernatural.

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Your Thoughts?

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  • Joel Miller


    I must say that I am tremendously disappointed in you. I can’t imagine what has led to this bizarre turn although I do recall you discounting the general Calvinist point of view.

    I also have to say that Qualia’s video on the subject was nothing more than propaganda and only partially relevant. I especially liked the list regarding supposed “impossible beings”.

    In reality, this line of thinking should be turned on its head as it doesn’t really conform to the general precepts of logic. You can never EVER prove what is not and therefore while you certainly can make reasonable assumptions about what cannot be in the fictitious box…it isn’t an adequate substitute for God.

    I’m so sorry that the creator of the universe doesn’t see the need to fit in your finite wooden box. This study should always begin with the concept of absolutes. Do they exist? I answer very simply that they MUST. For there to be “no absolutes” we would be making an absolute statement that there can be no exceptional extreme in any case whatsoever.

    The next concept should be truth and its origin. You should really be able to complete the chain with your background. As I said, I’m really disappointed to see you taken in by such nonsense.