Ricky Gervais, Atheism, And The Invention Of Lying


I’m really excited about The Invention of Lying, the upcoming Ricky Gervais film.  I started the script last spring online and simply couldn’t stop reading until it was done.  It was not a terribly funny read (except occasionally) but I love films which explore a thought provoking “what if” in a sufficiently thoughtful way and this script certainly did that.   Being fascinated with questions of lies and honesty (a full chapter of my dissertation treats the subject of honesty and its entailments), I was absorbed with the idea of an alternate world to our own in which no one not only can lie but in which no one can even conceive that they’re being lied to.

In the film, Ricky Gervais’s character invents lying.  And, most amazing of all, the script’s plot revolves very heavily around explicitly atheist themes about the origins of religious ideas completely as fabrications.   I can hardly imagine the film will be so frank, but here’s hoping.

Here’s Gervais discussing his atheism explicitly:

YouTube Preview Image

Your Thoughts?

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