The Meaning Of Life

Today I had the distinct pleasure of reconnecting with one of my closest friends and classmates from my college days for the first time in 6 years.  He’s a friend with whom I spent some of the most formative philosophical years of my life and who, as a result, I will always consider to be something of a philosophical brother.  Appropriately it only took a couple minutes for our conversation to turn to philosophy and three hours later we parted we were still on the topic.   The closest we came to updates about any other aspects of our lives was when we exchanged stories of our adventures on the academic job market.  There were just too many new ideas to compare and philosophical issues to resolve to waste time on anything else…

Just now savoring one of my favorite Dylan songs I remembered it was this friend of mine who infected me with his enthusiasm for Dylan 10 long years ago.  I guess there is more to life than philosophy after all:

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