“Why Should God Bless America?”

This laughable awfulness would be qualify as funny if the theocratic attitudes it expressed were not so serious and were the forum for this nonsense was not a presidential debate.

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Rachel Maddow had a great report last night on this year’s meeting of the same group that sponsored this. The footage of the astoundingly self-absorbed and self-righteous Carrie Prejean speaking at the conference (starting at 6:15)  is worth the click of the link if nothing else.

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  • charleyjk4

    Can Religion and State be separated in America?.The constitution does not seem to think so.The oath of allegiance speaks of and promotes the ethos of theocracy.Remember the phrase”one nation unto God”?.

  • Daniel Fincke

    The constitution? Are you serious? The constitution omits all reference to God, it establishes not a single role for any religious organization or other religious authority in governing. And what does the phrase “one nation under God” have to do with the constitution? It was not put into the pledge of allegiance until 1954 and it never should have been.