A Message From Creation Museum’s Mark Looy

Mark Looy of the Creation Museum visited our comments section to dispute another of our commentators’ accounts of the theories on display at the museum:

Just about every claim Paul has made about our science in the Creation Museum is untrue, i.e., we don’t say what he says we say. And with some points, Paul wants to see problems where they don’t even exist. In fact, the museum was attempting to communicate OPPOSITE points with the visuals — e.g., about the scale of the Flood jets and the varied features of Noah’s descendants! Our museum depicts Adam and Eve as middle brown in skin shade, not as “white Europeans”; now, to give Paul the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the photos he took were with a flash, and after viewing them he got the mistaken impression that Adam and Eve are portrayed as “white Europeans,” when it was Paul’s flash that changed their skin shade. It’s remarkable that a reviewer can post something in public like this and not get his facts straight. Disagree with our viewpoints all you want want, but please be accurate. — Mark Looy, CCO, The Creation Museum

I haven’t personally been to the museum myself so I am to some extent dependent on others’ accounts. Your Thoughts?

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