And Now A Word From Our Non-Stamp Collector Sponsor

Non-Stamp Collector is one of my most favorite YouTube atheists who has provided us with fantastic videos which serve as great content on the blog, so I feel obliged to give his hilarious commercial hawking his new wares some space on the blog in return.  (If you just want to see a regular video and not an ad, I’ve included one below the ad.)

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Your Thoughts?

  • penultima

    If I may…

    While on this issue of a “personal relationship with Jesus” all he does is prove the point that people can be in error, but he does not prove that:

    a. it is impossible to have a correct relationship with Jesus.
    b. jesus doesn’t exist.

    I mean there are people who have an understanding of quantum physics and they all disagree on exactly how many dimensions there are, but does that mean that quantum physics doesn’t exist? Hardly.

    NSC has other videos that go into the nature of God and etc and those videos more strongly show that “religion” is crazy, but again that doesn’t prove that it is false.

    I have to give him credit though, those are some funny videos.