Debunking Kirk Cameron And Ray Comfort

Really nicely done, particularly of note is that there is some great information about Hitler, religion, and Darwin:

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Your Thoughts?

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  • mattincinci

    great video

  • George

    Ray Comfort makes millions feeding off of the creation/evolution “controversy”. He depends on people like the guy who made this video to give him the “pew-cred” he needs to sell tons of copies of books like “You Can Lead An Atheist To Water- But You Can’t Make Him Think”. He runs a blog, humorously titled “Atheist Central” where he purports to stick it to the “Darwinists” and atheists with posts that could only appeal to the most ignorant of the Christian flock.
    He likely does more harm than good to the Christian side of the debate by asking some of the most ridiculous questions to atheists when arguing against evolution.
    ex. When the first horse was created by evolution where did he find a mate?
    Anyone with the slightest understanding of evolution or science in general would laugh their ass off at such a question. Ray just keeps asking it till someone who claims to believe in evolution can’t answer. Then he posts it on youtube so that creationists can keep on believing that evolution is a theory that is logically bankrupt.
    Does he think that he is winning atheist converts? No, he probably does not. He is trying to cash in on polarizing the debate and selling books to those who already believe. His “Origin of The Species” stunt has nothing to do with getting books into the hands of students as much as publicly waving his genitals at every “professing intellectual” he can.
    If you confront his bullshit head on, you feed into his “great commission” fraud. If you ignore him, then you let him claim that Atheists have no answers to his probing questions.
    Perhaps my biggest pet peeve comes from his “Are You A Good Person?” sales pitch.

    (apologies I am not the most computer literate person out there, copy and paste should still work though)
    1. No one that I know of can answer “no” to MANY of these questions
    2. That means EVERYONE is not a “good person”?
    3. Why on earth would I choose to love ANYBODY who held these beliefs, let alone trust my “immortal soul” to them?
    4. If the Bible does say those things, then the bible is WRONG.

    What in the world do you do with a guy like Ray Comfort?
    Use his own words to show how ridiculous he is? Check.
    Use him to embarrass logical Christians? Check.
    Let him stand as a caricature of the Ignorant Creationist? (I’m talking to you, Crocoduck!) Check.

    Yet we still make him richer. Sad…

  • bryson

    An Excellent.. and very well thought out posting..
    This is yet another nail in the coffin of the superstitious believers…

  • Angela

    Get the facts straight. They are not in it for the money and frequently give away many things and keep costs down. I guess we’ll find out when we die won’t we?

    • buddy

      Ok, you go first.