Do True Christians Ever Leave The Faith?

Writerdd makes an astute observation:

I’ve been reading the comments here lately and I have noticed that a lot of Christian readers say the same things over and over again: “If you REALLY had been a Christian you would have never de-converted.”

I’ve been struck by another thing recently as well: noticing that many de-converts were formerly in the ministry.

These two things made me think that maybe it’s being TOO dedicated, too devoted, too much a seeker that is the danger.
Here’s what I mean: Maybe we de-converts were more real in our Christianity than the people who can’t believe we eventually rejected “the truth.”

I was a true seeker but what I discovered was… nothing.
Watch out seekers. You may not like what you find.

“Amen,” “brother.”

Your Thoughts?

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  • writerdd

    Amen Sister, please. :-)

  • Daniel Fincke

    whoops :-P

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    It’s interesting, several of my friends who are still devout Christians never argued about my de-conversion, usually stating something about me knowing more than they did about the Bible and philosophy.

    I’ve also asked several Christians who claim to be open minded if their true seeking led them to think there was no God, would they accept it? I don’t always get an answer.

  • Daniel Fincke

    Yes, fortunately none of my old Christian friends try to pull this card on me either. They know so much better and, for the most part, are just perplexed as to what happened.

  • Spootmeister / Mark

    Daniel, I made my first atheism-related video on YouTube and thought I’d inform you of it:

    I’m not the smoothest speaker, though, heh.

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Perplexed is a good word for many of my Christian friends reactions. I only had a few that were really upset about it and one who was actually angry.