Facebook Monitoring User Moods


The company’s data team on Monday launched a trippy new application called the “Gross National Happiness Index.” Taking a similar format to its “Lexicon” trend-tracking product, the “GNH” currently displays a graph of data tabulated over the course of the past few years to track the “happiness” of Facebook users based on words picked up in their status messages.

“Earlier this year, data scientists at Facebook started a project to measure the overall mood of people from the United States on Facebook, based on the sentiment expressed in status updates,” explained a company blog post by Facebook’s Adam Kramer–who is also a Ph.D. student in psychology:

Examples of positive or happy words include “happy,” “yay,” and “awesome,” while negative, or unhappy words, include “sad,” “doubt,” and “tragic.” We also did a brief survey of some Facebook users, which showed that people who use more positive words, relative to the number of negative words, reported higher satisfaction with their lives.

Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day tend to generate spikes in happiness, as do days of historical significance like the election of President Barack Obama. There are notably “sad” days, too, Kramer pointed out, like the double whammy on January 22, 2008, when the Asian stock market took a dive and young actor Heath Ledger was found dead.


Your Thoughts?  (Warning: Your Thoughts may yield an index measuring general happiness and anger levels of Camels With Hammers readers)

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