Gay March Footage + “Fundies Say The Darnedest Things, Anti-Gay Edition”

Accompanying this footage from today’s march on Washington for gay rights in the YouTube comments, I found the work of a true theologian, one Richard45772:

this is being design to weaken are beliefs on man+woman=child !!! if they think that they are part of the future. WRONG, In the year 2050 when those who surface to meet those who survived above ground elimination period begins all bi’s, lezzy,homo,pedophile, no matter how young or old. Eliminated across the entire planet of earth..YEA< for are kind the norm’s ( gifted people )

P.S. The gifted people did not enjoy doing this. Because they were humans. The reason why, the gays did not evolved, they had no ability’s of the mind…which means they could start a war and we would not know about it, before it was too late!!! ASK THOSE WHO COULD READ MINDS.

heaven and hell wants people with souls….LIMBO is where all the gay’s go. There they can see but can not touch or speak or hear or smell…more like a dead calm..where as heaven,hell you have pretty much all your sense. You can touch and be touch, and see, and hear, and smell. Remember HEAVEN WANTS PEOPLE WITH GOOD SOUL’S and HELL WANTS TORMENTED SOUL’S

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