Good Without God In New York Subways

Good Without God In New York Subways October 22, 2009

Great to see the “Good Without God” campaign arrive via subway in my neighborhood now:

Atheism Campaign Launches in New York Subways: Coalition of Faithless Advocates Focuses on Increased Secular Awareness

The Big Apple Coalition of Reason, a collection of groups that advocate secularism and atheism, has launched a month-long ad campaign in New York City’s subway system. The ads are a series of printed posters that feature the tagline, “A million New Yorkers are good without God. Are you?” The $25,000 campaign, designed to increase awareness of secular-minded groups, was reportedly funded by an anonymous donor.
Although reports and comments about the campaign have referred to the posters as “atheist,” the group points out that atheism is just a lack of belief in religion or God whereas the scope of the ads is bigger than that, Fox News reports.

“These ads inform New Yorkers that a million or more of their neighbors are good without God,” said Michael De Dora Jr., the executive director for the New York branch of the Center for Inquiry. “That is, a million of us have found or created natural morality, and lead good, productive and meaningful lives without appeal to religious dogma or God. The ads also invite interested New Yorkers to learn more about who we are and what we’re doing, and to get involved in the growing secular community and secular movement.”

Thanks to Meg for the heads up.

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