Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Camels With Hammers‘s webmaster extraordinaire and occasional contributor, Dave Smith, turns 32 today.  My previous forays into blogging were so fundamentally inhibited by my programming illiteracy that I can honestly say that this blog, in so many of its most successful features would simply not be possible without Dave’s volunteered efforts.  He has really made it possible for me to get exactly the designs, layouts, and features for the site that I wanted in order to give the place a distinctive look and feel and to make it user-friendly in the ways that I personally find crucial in the blogs I visit.  He is also as easy-going , helpful, and undemanding a guy to work with and be friends with as anyone could hope for.  So, be sure to wish Dave a happy birthday in return for his efforts to make your experiences with Camels With Hammers consistently happy!

Your Birthday Wishes?

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