Judge This: Target’s “Illegal Alien” Halloween Costume?

Illegal Alien Costume

Your Thoughts?

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  • Thea

    Does this look like your typical illegal alien – did anyone from the offended side notice the face? Sure looks like an ET to me. If an ET landed here wouldn’t they be entitled to a Green Card. I am highly offended at my tax dollars paying for everything for the illegal alien. If they don’t want to become Americans then please oh please go back to where you came from. I would help pay for the return ticket.

  • DaveMor

    Thank you Thea! Of course the hispanics are offended! They are allowed to spew their racist hatred against America, yet the complain about a costume. Illegals are a drain on our country. For the first time in American history, Americans are being FORCED to assimilate into Latin culture, instead of them assimilating to us. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS AND THEIR ANCHOR BABIES!!