Little Boy Asks Obama “Why Do People Hate You?”

Presidents have the darnedest things said to them:
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I love his response.  He uses the opportunity as a chance to model both empathetic understanding for his enemies and an unflappably positive, resilient spirit amidst disdain.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Good response. It’s gotta be tough for kids who are excited about President Obama to hear the hatred spewed at him.

  • Doug at Global Athei

    Well said. I still enjoy, even after almost a year, having a president that can actually string sentences together.

  • Andre

    this president they state is he trying to take on too much at one time, will he do a lot with little result.
    they would probably say he’s not doing enough or nothing at all, but hes getting the ball rolling on so many issues, because the public is not satisfied. the one thing we have not heard that we here during other presidents administration is why is he dealing with this issue before that issue because some people feel this issue should be dealt with first and then that later maybe.
    the president is doing a lot because he knows he only has eight years, in which he has gotten the ball rolling, we will see results just wait and see.
    we been patient enough to watch our country go down the shitter when bush was in office now we should be patient when President Obama tries to fix it.