Loving Wives And Loving Countries

On Bloggingheads, philosophers Simon Keller and Niko Kolodny dissect love.  If you don’t have the hour to watch the whole thing or if you are only interested in one of the subtopics they discuss, below is the set of topics.  The time listed next to each topic indicates how long that portion of video runs.

Love as a response to reasons (05:24)
Will your marriage survive Niko’s analysis of love? (06:54)
Unrequited love and dysfunctional relationships (07:23)
What’s the difference between patriotism and racism? (11:45)
Does patriotic pride require epistemic irresponsibility? (08:04)
Is unconditional love a worthy ideal? (15:29)

(via LeiterReports)

For comparison of their accounts of love with my own views on the matter, please show some love to my three posts towards formulating a theory of love:

Conceptual Problems For The Ideal Of Unconditional Love
How Do I Love Thee?  Let Me Count The Ways
Call It Volitional Love Rather Than Unconditional Love

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