Perspective On Polanski

Sendai Anonymous has all you need to set you straight on Polanski.  And then a little bit on the stupefying injustice to which Polish hypocrisy related to this matter sinks, (Sendai Anonymous, it’s worth noting is Polish, so this matter hits particularly close to home.  She’s also a woman, so that’s also part of why it hits home.  Oh yeah, and she’s also a human being with a conscience, which is another good reason to be enraged about the anal rape of a drugged 13 year old and have the whole thing hit close to home).  Finally, she has a post on the religious angle of the Polish hypocrisy.

As usual, all three posts are worth reading in full.

Your Thoughts?

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  • sendaianonymous

    OMD, it`s so wonderful that you agree with me on that, `cause seriously, some of my Polish pals have gone batshit crazy over that. “UR ALL AFTER HIM; U WHORES” and “SHE ASKED FOR EEEEET” suddenly appear to be the mildest of criticisms.
    Unsurprisingly enough, it`s only men that say that :(
    (And I still left out the worst of the stuff from Polish newspapers, because it made me simply too furious. At the moment, a curious coalition formed: agains Polanski are feminists, tabloids, and the general public, mostly, supporting him are the politicians, artists, and a stray journalist. And it`s far from over yet, in Poland, as far as I can see.
    From Germany >_> )