Removing The Bible’s “Liberal Bias”

That’s the aim at Conservapedia’s “Conservative Bible Project”. Did you know that liberals are responsible for the story where Jesus rejects the idea of stoning an adulteress and so that part of the Bible should be taken out? Did you know that liberals also snuck in that part where Jesus asks for the forgiveness of his killers because they “know not what they do?” Did you know that “peace” has a “different political meaning” (apparently an exclusively liberal one?) than it did in Biblical times and so the word should be replaced in the Bible? And did you know there was a way to retranslate the Bible so that it can “Express Free Market Parables; explaining the numerous economic parables with their full free-market meaning?”

No? You didn’t know all these things? Then you’d better start studying your Conservapedia Bible! And those of you who did realize that these things did exist and that American Conservatives and American Liberals have existed and warred since the beginning of time (with the ancient American Conservatives writing the real Bible and the ancient American Liberals sneaking in passages about people letting adulteresses go free without being stoned and people who act out of ignorance not being culpable for their crimes), well this is finally your chance to join a project that sets the record straight!

Props to PZ for the find.

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