Scientist vs. Blowhard

Daily there are great new interviews with Dawkins coming out as he promotes the new book.  This one is the most worthless and insight-free.  But it’s one of the most high profile since it’s on O’Reilly’s show and it’s also O’Reilly setting a personal record for stupidity.  He could not be any more tangential, desperate, vacuous, and intellectually oblivious.

Once you’re done with this farce of an interview, you can listen to a really great, probing, informative interview with Dawkins here.

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  • sendaianonymous

    Dear Darwin, so much stupid!
    Last time “everybody followed the teaching of Jesus Christ” here in Europe, we got no idyllic world peace, but the crusades. Oops.

    he dumbest argument ever, though, has to be, “what he did in his 30 yrs on Earth still resonates (…)”. AHAHAHAHAHA. I could think of a lot of people whose deeds still “resonate”.
    None of them, or actually most of them, didn’t claim to be the son of god.

  • Daniel Fincke

    yeah, I love the idea that it was the efficiency of Jesus’ 33 years that makes him so important and not the efforts of centuries worth of deifiers.

  • Neil

    Dawkin’s tie is amazing.

    • Daniel Fincke

      Indeed it is! It’s the Crocoduck tie!

      And in case any one does not know the history and significance of the evolutionists’ search for the crocoduck, this video is a must: