Skeptical Blog Anthology Seeks More Submissions

Young Australian Skeptics are seeking to print skeptical interweb postings into old fashioned dead tree format.  Click here to nominate your favorite skeptical blog posts from all over the internet (including Camels With Hammers if you think we have one which qualifies, though I’m not a very good judge of that myself).

Your Thoughts?

"Congrats, dear! I'm so glad you both found each other."

Our Wedding Video
"Wonderful. But as an atheist, non-religious, why marriage? There must be a column in that."

Our Wedding Video
"On October 29, 2016 I married my wife, Lex.Yup, she definetly looks better with hair. ..."

Our Wedding Video
"Ahhhhhh! This is beautiful! :)"

Our Wedding Video

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