St. Vincent’s “Now Now”

Was just listening to (and as usual loving) St. Vincent’s “Now Now” and decided to see what the ol’ youtube had of the song.  And I just had to share this awesome live performance I came across:

“Now Now” comes from her terrific album Marry Me.

And while we’re sharing St. Vincent videos, here’s a charming little interview with Annie Clark interspersed with footage of her intense and brilliant live performing.  Her performance persona—embodied both in her voice’s manners of phrasing and enunciating her lyrics and in her mad eyes when you see her perform live—are so powerful, intense, and strikingly ironic in ways that I find incredibly alluring and intimidating.  They make her seem hidden, inaccessible, and cynical, and create a mystery as to her sincere feelings.  Scoffers and others with equally strong and knowing ironic distance can have that effect and it’s the strongest effect Annie Clark has on me.  So, I most enjoy this interview where we find her off the stage being warm, open, self-deprecating, and unpretentious.  I admire both the starkly contrasting sides she shows:

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