The “#No God” Twitter Trend FAIL

The de-Convert passes along the story of an amusing atheist twitter “victory”:

In a classic case of irony, Christians tried to get the statement “No God, No Peace. Know God, Know Peace” to trend today on Twitter.
The result of this was the phrase “No God” became the #1 trending topic.
Please understand that atheists have been trying for months to get an atheist related topic to trend and this one was gifted to us.
“God” must be looking out for us Of course, I should note that the phrase really should be “Know God. No Peace. No God. Know Peace.”

This is clearly no god’s way of telling us that he does not exist.

Your Thoughts?

  • OM

    That’s funny. When you click on the Trending Topics you see a lot of people wondering how this happened. In fact, they’re so confused and helpless, they might turn to religion for solace.

    • Daniel Fincke

      If the history of humanity is any guide, that’s just the kind of ironic double backfire to expect.