Town Angry Cheerleaders Cannot Use Bible Verse Signs

Friendly Atheist reported on Friday that Georgia’s Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders were forbidden by their school board from continuing to use signs like this:

Now, via Atheist Media Blog, the town’s display of appreciation for the principle of separation of church and state:
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You’ll notice there’s not even one argument made as to why they should be using the resources of their public school to promulgate their private faith.

Your Thoughts?

  • sendaianonymous

    Oh, my. The sign is sort of…ostentatious? Oh, my.

  • sendaianonymous

    Oh, I just watched the vid. This is beyond insane and creepy and moving straight into the not real territory.
    They really aren`t a bunch of RL trolls or something? Wooow.

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