ZJEmptv On Conservapedia’s Purge Of Bible’s “Liberal Bias”

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  • http://sendaianonymous.wordpress.com sendaianonymous

    I… I was too fascinated by the accent. *shamefacedly replays*

  • Daniel Fincke

    HA! Was that really the first time you’ve seen one of the ZJ videos? I feature them all the time. They’re all really great. I’m going to highlight a classic one next week.

  • http://sendaianonymous.wordpress.com sendaianonymous

    Yeah, first time. I’m usually somewhere where I’m not supposed to make noise, and am far too lazy to look for headphones =_=.

    And then, whenever I try to catch up, there’s just too much stuff to watch.
    But it was awesome! Will watch moar :)