A Movie About The Life Of Muhammad Coming Soon

And it features, well, not Muhammad:

Plans for the $150million English-language biopic were announced at the close of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar on Sunday. The narrative will run from the years before the Prophet’s birth through to his death but there will be one conspicuous break from conventional biopic methods: in accordance with Islamic tradition the film will not represent the Prophet himself or direct members of his family.

Ironically, I guess this means that due to overly restrictive fundamentalist religious reasons this will turn make the film an accidental experimental film that dares to never feature the protagonist of the film or his intimates on screen.

The article goes on to say the critic of Al-Quaeda brought on as “lead theological consultant” for the project is a theologian made very popular due to his being a regular TV presence on Al-Jazeera and he allegedly appeals to Muslim moderates despite condoning the Holocaust, supporting the stoning of gays, praising Iraqi suicide bombers, and considering Shi’ites “heretics.” I guess “moderate” is a relative term. At least the producer at the helm of the project is deeply versed in Islam and its history and will be able to carefully guide the project away from the numerous potential incendiary possibilities of this film:

Mr Osborne, who said that he was “keen to inspire and enlighten the world by bringing the story of one of history’s greatest figures on screen”, admitted that when he was first approached by Al Noor in August 2008 he was not ready to join them.

“I did not have enough knowledge about Islam, but now I have read two books and watched two movies about the religion.”

Sigh. I’m imagining that the controversy around this film due to real and faux sources of outrage is going to make Passion Of The Christ look as uncontroversial as Bambi.

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