Daily Hilarity: Taylor Swift’s Saturday Night Live Monologue Song: “Monologue (lalalala)”

So on Saturday night, Taylor Swift went on SNL and performed a really funny song. (The video used to be in this post before NBC took it down from YouTube.) I was really impressed with her comic delivery in numerous respects.   She really squeezes all the comedic juice out of a fairly by-the-numbers bit of writing.

I love the great little touch at the end where she says they’re going to have a great show and Kanye West is not there, exactly where the tradition is to mention that a musical guest is there.  They got that just right.

Fun Camels With Hammers fact, my post on the Kanye West interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech currently ranks as the fourth most viewed post in the website’s short history and it marked a watershed point in our traffic which essentially tripled its daily rate after that post and has maintained that level ever since.  How’s that for unpredictable?

And one last curiosity: is it just me or does anyone else wonder why the creepy guy at the party in Lost Highway is sitting behind Taylor Swift at the drum set?  In case you don’t remember him, below is that scene from that film—compare it with the footage of Swift’s performance above.

YouTube Preview Image

Your Thoughts?

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