Fiona Apple’s “Across The Universe”

I may be prejudiced in that I first discovered this song through her performance, rather than through either John Lennon’s own or through any other cover it, but as far as I go Fiona’s sultry husky voice languidly mumbling in a flowing, laconic, melodically and ironically complacent way is what the song was written for.  It’s one of those special cases where a cover becomes a definitive version of a song—something that happens with a surprising frequency when you think about it.  And, for what it’s worth the movie it accompanies and the video they made combining the song and a major theme of the film are both pretty great too. Pleasantville is among my all time favorite films.

Anyway, to celebrate the major Beatles kick that getting their new box set last week has set off in my life, here is Fiona Apple’s rendition of one of the most awesome things John Lennon ever wrote and the Beatles ever recorded:

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